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Anti-Aging Sunscreen & Deodorant

This mineral face sunscreen with NON NANO zinc oxide  (the safe stuff) can stand alone as a sunblock because it is truly effective against UVA, UVB, and even UVC rays — this is called a “broad-spectrum blocker.”   It’s a safe and healthy type of sunblock because the non-nano particles aren’t going to be absorbed by your skin and won't go into your bloodstream.  Know what sunscreen you are putting on you and your family! But zinc oxide isn’t just effective at blocking the sun; It’s also good for your skin, helps  with rashes, rosacea, poison ivy, acne, inflammation, it's wound healing and eco-friendly. It's a natural deodorant as well.

This sunscreen is non-comedogenic and made with anti aging natural oils and essential oils.  It's loaded with Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and it protects you from the environment.  Like all of the Lissa Brand products its eco-friendly! Use this EVERY morning following your magical oil. SPF 30-35.

A little goes a long way.

Apply anti-aging non-comedogenic sunscreen to your face, neck and ears every single day after the application of the Magical Oil (step 3 – face system). This sunscreen with non-nano zinc oxide can stand alone as a sunblock because it is truly effective against UVA, UVB and even UVC rays – this is called a “broad-spectrum blocker”. This sunscreen is not just great at blocking the harmful rays – it’s really good for your skin. It will help with acne, rashes, it’s anti-aging, antibacterial and a natural antioxidant – protecting you from the environment. Dab a little under your arms for a natural deodorant that smells incredible – no need to buy any other deodorant when this does it all.

Shea butter, carrot seed, red raspberry, rose, hemp, sunflower, cucumber, frankincense, raw wildflower honey, mango butter, pomegranate, lavender, argan oil, black seed oil, vitamin E, myrrh, non nano zinc oxide, raw wildflower honey, Manuka, sandalwood, kokum butter, rosehip oil, lemongrass, geranium, babasu


Featured Ingredients

Shea butter is a skin superfood. Shea Butter is the king of healing of wounds, Reduction of Scars, Soothing Burns, Rashes, Very Dry Skin, Psoriasis and Eczema. Deeply penetrating it moisturizes and nourishes dry, sun damaged, environmentally damaged & mature skin. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. It boosts collagen and promotes cell regeneration. Sooths sore muscles. Natural SPF 4.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide can stand alone as a sunblock because it is truly effective against UVA, UVB, and even UVC rays — this is called a “broad-spectrum blocker.” But zinc oxide isn’t just effective at blocking the sun! It’s also good for your skin. Non Nano Zinc does not enter your blood stream unlike chemical sunscreens that do.

Red raspberries and their oil contain lots of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are responsible for antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-degenerative properties. Red Raspberry seed oil offers anti-aging benefits of improving skin elasticity, suppleness and flexibility, while softening and smoothing the look of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. It forms an occlusive barrier to prevent moisture loss and protect skin from damaging elements.

Sunflower oil has emollient properties that help the skin retain its moisture. Vitamin E helps trap moisture inside skin cells, keeping skin hydrated for a longer period. Sunflower oil is extremely high in vitamin E – an antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from harmful UV rays from the sun and other environmental stressors. In addition to vitamin E, sunflower oil is also rich in vitamins A, C, and D, making it effective in the treatment of acne. Sunflower seed oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that act as antioxidants to regenerate new skin cells and help your skin rid itself of acne-causing bacteria. The antioxidant properties of sunflower oil help in preventing premature signs of aging, as it helps protect the skin from exposure to sunlight. The vitamin E in sunflower seed oil can help protect the collagen and elastin in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your face. Sunflower seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help lower skin redness and roughness. Sunflower seed oil is high in omega-6 (linoleic) fatty acid and vitamin E. Omega-6 acid helps decrease inflammation in the skin and enhances the development of new skin cells.

Because of its potent antioxidant properties, Cucumber Oil can fight off free radicals caused by oxidative stress when the skin is exposed to damaging UV light. Cucumber Seed Oil even promotes cell regeneration making this an excellent choice for mature, aging skin. A high content of natural tocopherols and phytosterols further enhance its protective and nutritive benefits for personal care. Phytosterols are also known for their ability to nourish and stimulate the skin cells to encourage regeneration of healthy skin cells. Cucumber Seed Oil contains a significant percentage of Omega-9 Oleic Acid and Omega-6 Linoleic Acid and can be effective in treating dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and sunburned skin. Cucumber oil contains sensitive agents, which help dark circles under your eyes and helps with puffy eyes.

Helichrysum contains anti-microbial, anti-biotic and regenerative compounds that promote healthy skin cell growth and regeneration. It also helps speed up healing of wounds, burns, and rashes and reduces scarring. Helichrysum helps smooth both skin tone and texture, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and its emollient properties help keep skin hydrated. A truly multifaceted essential oil, Helichrysum is also beneficial for treating sunburns, helping to block UV rays to protect against skin cancer as well as for those with acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin irritations.

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